Balancing Perfectionism

“Balance” is one of those things that seems like a trend lately. You know, like frosted lips in the 2000s, chokers in the 90s, maybe even like kombucha today (but oh my gosh, I just love that stuff!) Of course, I do see the beauty of balance and the success that comes with this intention. Being exposed to the Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path has taught me a lot … Continue reading Balancing Perfectionism

How We’re Contributing to Fatphobia Without Even Realizing It

I’ve been learning a lot in my Women and Gender Studies class (I’m even considering a minor in it, yay!) but I’ve also been exposed to controversial, uncomfortable issues. I think this is one of the greatest takeaways: feminism is uncomfortable. The most important things in life usually are. I expected to learn a lot about body acceptance, but I was also introduced to more … Continue reading How We’re Contributing to Fatphobia Without Even Realizing It

Purdy’s Dark Chocolate Review

Dark chocolate once haunted my nightmares. I would run screaming into the night if presented with anything other than a Kit-Kat as a child. Times have changed. Thank God. Trust me now, I don’t eat dark chocolate because I think it’s “healthier” although I do admire it’s health benefits (mineral-packed, antioxidants, improves blood flow, lowers blood pressure, etc…)  If you’d like to hear a similar … Continue reading Purdy’s Dark Chocolate Review

Pizza Party: Il Fornello

Il Fornello really does taste as good as it sounds. My family consists of pizza fanatics, so an authentically Italian-sounding restaurant in our own town was something we couldn’t pass up. Especially when they serve all of their individual pizzas for just $10 after 4pm on weekdays. Friday isn’t the only time for pizza night! My first trip here consisted of ordering the Margherita Pizza (with … Continue reading Pizza Party: Il Fornello