Getting Lost at Home (+ a cream cheese brownie recipe!)

I’ve officially been home from university for 10 weeks. The rainy weather here has been oddly comforting, defrosting me from the frigid temperatures in Ottawa. Oddly enough though, I didn’t want to rush the weather to suddenly turn into summer. I wanted to enjoy the transition, to really focus on relaxing before it was time to slather on sunscreen. All this rain cumulated into what I daydream … Continue reading Getting Lost at Home (+ a cream cheese brownie recipe!)

Jessica Jones: Power, Privilege and Patriarchy

Exam season is the perfect time to binge-watch Netflix shows. Not only is a single episode just short enough to give myself a mental break, it’s also just really entertaining. What’s really great is when a tv show illuminates real-life in the most unexpected ways. I didn’t think a comic turned tv show would be able to do that for me so well. Krysten Ritter describes this … Continue reading Jessica Jones: Power, Privilege and Patriarchy

Balancing Perfectionism

“Balance” is one of those things that seems like a trend lately. You know, like frosted lips in the 2000s, chokers in the 90s, maybe even like kombucha today (but oh my gosh, I just love that stuff!) Of course, I do see the beauty of balance and the success that comes with this intention. Being exposed to the Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path has taught me a lot … Continue reading Balancing Perfectionism

How We’re Contributing to Fatphobia Without Even Realizing It

I’ve been learning a lot in my Women and Gender Studies class (I’m even considering a minor in it, yay!) but I’ve also been exposed to controversial, uncomfortable issues. I think this is one of the greatest takeaways: feminism is uncomfortable. The most important things in life usually are. I expected to learn a lot about body acceptance, but I was also introduced to more … Continue reading How We’re Contributing to Fatphobia Without Even Realizing It

Purdy’s Dark Chocolate Review

Dark chocolate once haunted my nightmares. I would run screaming into the night if presented with anything other than a Kit-Kat as a child. Times have changed. Thank God. Trust me now, I don’t eat dark chocolate because I think it’s “healthier” although I do admire it’s health benefits (mineral-packed, antioxidants, improves blood flow, lowers blood pressure, etc…)  If you’d like to hear a similar … Continue reading Purdy’s Dark Chocolate Review