All About Autumn

A friend asked me why I love autumn so much. After rattling off the immediately apparent responses that came to mind: Halloween, crisp leaves, cozy nights spent with a book and pumpkin everything, I sought to create a single sentence, a single response to explain my love for fall. I couldn’t sum up my adoration in one sentence, so I decided to string together several sentences and … Continue reading All About Autumn

Grocery Tips for a Struggling Student

I debated changing this title. I never want to sound ungrateful for my education. I work hard academically and I’m blessed enough to live in a beautiful country with a supportive family that has made my university career possible. That being said, I do see the humour in experiencing straight-up inner turmoil when deciding between taking the time to make a huge batch of homemade brownies … Continue reading Grocery Tips for a Struggling Student

5 Summer Outfits

I’ve never made a post about fashion before but I’ve always been interested in it. I’m not sure what the latest trends are, and unfortunately I don’t have the money to purchase big brand names. Still, I love browsing thrift stores, flipping through fashion magazines and checking out Instagram for new outfit ideas. I’m also surrounded by many close friends who are gifted in the … Continue reading 5 Summer Outfits

Getting Lost at Home (+ a cream cheese brownie recipe!)

I’ve officially been home from university for 10 weeks. The rainy weather here has been oddly comforting, defrosting me from the frigid temperatures in Ottawa. Oddly enough though, I didn’t want to rush the weather to suddenly turn into summer. I wanted to enjoy the transition, to really focus on relaxing before it was time to slather on sunscreen. All this rain cumulated into what I daydream … Continue reading Getting Lost at Home (+ a cream cheese brownie recipe!)

Sweet and Savoury: Pesto Pizza and Chocolate Peppermint Bites

I officially have both a sweet and savoury-tooth (teeth?) and it’s time I made a post incorporating both of these flavours. I mean, isn’t pizza and chocolate the perfect combination of the two? Here are some recipes to satisfy both cravings… Homemade Vegetarian Pesto Pizza Lately my family has been really into making homemade pizza. Not only can you beat the price of delivery pizza, … Continue reading Sweet and Savoury: Pesto Pizza and Chocolate Peppermint Bites