A Week of Breaking the Fast

I’m going to be honest: my breakfast is almost always built around carbs! They just make me happy and satiate me especially when paired with some sort of fat or protein. Occassionally I’ll have eggs or turkey bacon for breakfast but it’s quite rare! My go-to breakfast is usually oatmeal (there’s so many ways to decorate it) but this week I challenged myself to make a different breakfast every single day. So this happened:

Monday – Maple Tahini Toast with Bananas and Dates


I started off the week by toasting two slices of Silver Hill’s “The Big 16” bread. Silver Hills is amazing because they have a commitment to all non-GMO products! All of their loaves are organic sprouted grain as well (to read about the benefits of sprouted bread click here). All of their breads are very high in fibre as well as protein, so they keep me full for a long time. Another great version is their Organic 20 Grain Train!

I topped my toast with a mixture of tahini (sesame seed paste) and a bit of 100% pure maple syrup. I added sliced banana, finely chopped dates and a sprinkle of cinnamon  in order to pull it all together.

TuesdayDeliciouslyElla’s Maple Chia Pot

To try something different, I followed a recipe I was always a little scared of. I wasn’t sure if I’d like the consistency of chia pudding, but it turns out it wasn’t too bad! And trust me, the photo makes it look a lot more unappetizing than it really was! The texture wasn’t a problem after all because the maple taste is one thing my tastebuds can’t get sick of. This little pot was full of fibre, healthy fats and protein which kept my stomach full, but I wouldn’t cite it as being absolutely delicious. Of course, I’ll try to fool around with the ingredients again, but maybe chia pudding just isn’t for me!

WednesdayRachlmansfield’s Homemade Cookie Dough Cereal

Excuse the random snapchat-edited photo (I realized too late that I had only captured this perfect moment on my snapchat!) I got the recipe for this heavenly creation from one of my favourite bakers, who I creep on instagram daily. If you love a big bowl of cereal, but are sick of always buying it from a box, this is for you. It’s so easy to make and I’ll admit, you’ll feel pretty nice knowing you made homemade cereal.

Thursday – Banana and Pumpkin Seed Butter Overnight Oats

Another favourite nut butter replacement of mine is pumpkin seed butter! The taste is very similar to sunflower seed butter, but it has a slight green hue (I know, sounds unappetizing but it’s so delicious and packed with protein.) Here’s the recipe I followed:

  • 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1 tbsp (plus a little more) of any nut/seed butter
  • 1 roughly chopped banana

Mix all ingredients in a mason jar then let sit in the fridge overnight. Simply enjoy sliding out of bed with breakfast already made!

– Pumpkin Seed Butter Toast with Berries

This is the same bread I had on Monday; Silver Hill’s “The Big 16” bread. In order to not cheat and eat the same thing twice, I topped this one with pumpkin seed butter, pumpkin seeds to match, and of course, my typical chopped dates and cinnamon. I added a big bowl of fresh fruit on the side to celebrate the slowly warming weather; strawberries and blackberries.

Saturday – Green Vanilla Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls are a great breakfast idea, but I usually save them for the weekends. This is because I’m typically hungry a short while after eating them. Due to the fact I haven’t bought any vega protein powder, the ingredients I use are quite light for a meal. At least for me! This works on the weekends because I can snack whenever I want (unlike at school) and usually have breakfast and lunch within a few hours of each other since I sleep in! Anyways, after that boring summary, here’s the super exciting recipe:

  • 1 overripe frozen banana
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup greek yogurt
  • Dashes of: cinnamon, ginger, pumpkin pie spice, nutmeg (I love spices so I just added as much as I wanted)

My toppings: chia seeds, pumpkin seeds and rolled oats

Sunday – Homemade Granola with Banana and Pumpkin Seeds

Here’s the already posted recipe for this filling granola (try making a big batch and devouring it over the next week!) I added banana (of course), pumpkin seeds for extra protein and drowned it all in vanilla almond milk!

I hope you enjoyed this quick view of my daily breakfasts. I think it will be challenging to mix up my oatmeal habits a bit more, but I’m willing to try…at least a few times a week!


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