Delicious Store-Bought Desserts

Here’s a compilation of some of the store-bought treats I’ve been loving lately…

So Delicious Coconut Milk Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert: Cookie Dough


This was the very first time I tried vegan ice cream. And this is the thing: I don’t like ice cream. Never really had. A cold, creamy dessert just had no appeal to me. Occasionally I would have a blizzard but only if my family was craving one. And after discovering the impact of cow’s milk on our bodies (and the cows) I was even more put off of it. So when my throat was killing me and I was craving something sweet I knew I had to break my so delicious coconut milk ice cream virginity. I chose this because cookie dough is a pretty basic flavour, but I fell head over heels in love at first bite. This definitely tastes like ice cream (the only difference is I like it!) It’s not watery at all, it’s decadent and does have that coconut-essence but this makes it taste even better. This particular flavour was super yummy, with chunks of gritty, cookie dough pieces throughout. I loved how the cookie dough pieces were all different, not like processed standard-sized pieces typically incorporated into cookie dough ice cream. The only suggestion I have is to add slightly more cookie dough bites; but the ratio right now is great for not being too rich but just right.

Tim Horton’s Red Velvet Cream Cheese Filled Cookie

Although I’d rather eat homemade cookies without cornsyrup, dyes and preservatives, these guys are the next best thing! They don’t taste like those hard, crusty cookies that come in plastic trays from the grocery store. I know Tim Horton’s baked goods aren’t the best quality anymore of course; but I’d choose this over one of their donuts! That gooey cream cheese filling is irresistable…

Sweet Emma’s Red Velvet Cupcake

You probably think I’m red velvet-obsessed (and maybe I am?) But it slightly confuses me because I despice chocolate cake! And this is just chocolate dyed red correct? Apparently my tastebuds think it tastes different…and I’m fine with that for now.

These cupcakes are amazing, the best cupcake bakery in my town! If you want a good cupcake I suggest going to a local bakery to not only support local stores, but to eat a quality product. Sweet Emma’s prides itself on making daily fresh products with only 100% natural ingredients. This cupcake was super dense without being dry, the icing was thick and smooth and of course cream cheese-flavoured! Topped with red sprinkles, this cupcake was gone way too quickly.

Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake

During a 5k charity walk in Toronto we stumbled upon this quirky little bakery. We had to take five minutes to stop and get one of their famous cheesecakes (it’s so busy there are line-ups down the street and customers are limited to one cheesecake only.) Don’t expect to bite into a typical cheesecake, it tastes more like a cheesecake flavoured angel food cake…and it’s heavenly. If you ever crave that cheesecake taste without the overly sweet filling, give this a try. With only 5 high-quality ingredients (wheat, egg, milk, cheese and butter) you’ll be willing to line up down the street for another one.

Cinnabon’s Centre of the Roll


Cinnamon rolls are the ultimate dessert to me. Who cares if they’re practically 100% processed? Moist, fluffy, cake topped with gooey, cream cheese icing…all covered in cinnamon. I’ve yet to try making cinnamon rolls at home, and Cinnabon is just too convenient (and delicious) to pass up. The Centre of the Roll is the best order in my mind, just because sometimes you don’t feel like wading through dough to get to the best part.

Aussie Bites


I consider this more as a snack than a treat (because they’re not overly sweet and provide great energy.) I’ve added this to the “dessert” list because I’ll usually have this as a bedtime snack (which means it’s practically dessert right?)

We picked these up from Costco on a whim. And they found my way into my mouth every single night for a week straight. Believe me, these bite-sized snacks are addictive. What I love about this product is that it’s sweet enough to taste like a cookie cup but made with such basic, whole ingredients! Check them out: organic rolled oats, organic oat flour, organic unsalted butter, organic canola oil, organic dried apricots, organic sugar, organic cane and invert sugar, organic raisins, organic flax seeds, organic sunflower seeds, organic honey, organic shredded coconut, organic quinoa, organic chia seeds, sea salt, baking soda, organic vanilla. These are chewy and moist with hints of crunch from the seeds throughout them. Not only are these great as a pre-workout snack for some quick energy, but they also belong in the cookie jar.

I hope you enjoyed some of my favourite dessert suggestions. What are your favourites when you can’t be bothered to make something at home?


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